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Summer is Over, Playtime is Not!
Even though the summer is winding down, it does not mean the play must cease! Playing games with your dog brings you both huge rewards! It is one on one time and your dog has your full attention! The interaction between the humans and the dog family members is absolutely positive! Don't you feel better after you are done? A good book to read is Play with Your Dog by Pat Miller.

Mosquitoes Everywhere!
All bugs that bite are here at this time of year! Make sure your dog is getting their heartworm preventative! Heartworms can cause death if left untreated! The treatment is costly and exhausting for the dogs and humans. One pill a month is much cheaper and you can keep your dog heartworm-free! We live in a climate where it is necessary to give our dogs heartworm medication twelve months out of the year. Better safe than sorry!

Canine Mobility Issues and Resolutions
Having a dog that has mobile issues can be exhausting! There are some wonderful products that can aid the human and help the dog thrive! When swimming with your dog, for therapy or play, you can use a canine life jacket. If you have an older dog or a dog with a lot of muscle mass, the life jacket can help them to be safe and have a great time! Dogs that are in wheelchairs may need boots for feet that do not pick up and place properly. Find the style and best fit and they will be on there way! Canine water beds are optimal for summer months to keep the dogs cool. They also serve a
great purpose for elderly dogs by cushioning their joints and keeping pressure off their spine, shoulders and hips!

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